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To Run a Quarter Marathon after 12 weeks!!

Winter has set in a month ago and it’s the time I started my quarter Marathon!! I intend to challenge myself from a small begining and train myself to run long laps gradually to achieve the goal.


Run 3 days thorugh out the week and mark 1 Kilometer a day.

I am planning carry my runners to work and go for runs at 11:30 am in Fawkner park which seems to be the joggers choice. It will be followed by a healthy lunch with wife’s courtesy. Already dreading the rainy days and how I will manage the after run routine at work.

Week 2

Same routines with an added kilometer to the Run and start exploring the fawkner park towards The Alfred Hospital

Week 3

3 Kilometres a day will map out the Fawkner park to its perimetres and this will hopefully be my last week running in the park.

Week 4

4 Kilometres a day. I plan to run in Albert park or botanic gardens being the closest proximities.

Week 5

4 kilometres a day. Getting to know the drill and plan the timeframe to see the need of rescheduling.

Week 6

5 Kilometres a day. Can’t visualise how it will happen with the work

Week 7

6 Kilometres

Week 8


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