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The Mortgage Application Process

To help our customers understand the loan application process, here is a timeline to illustrate the steps involved in the mortgage application process, along with approximate time frames for each stage.

1. Information form & Initial documents

We ask you to provide basic details on your financial position and some documents like pay slips and Bank statements to create a optimal finance strategy for you.

2. Meeting

During the meeting(s) we will discuss your goals and objectives, options that may suit and answer any questions about your mortgage.

Once an appropriate lender and mortgage product has been selected, the mortgage application process begins.

3. Mortgage Application Process – Approx. 2-4 days

Your mortgage application will be lodged with the lender upon receipt of ALL required supporting documents.

4. Conditional Approval – Approx. 2-5 days

We will receive a conditional approval from the lender detailing any outstanding matters requiring attention prior to a full (unconditional) approval. During this process a valuation of the property may be ordered.

5. Valuation Reports – Approx. 2-5 days

Valuation report(s) will be completed – subject to property access.

6. Unconditional (Full) Approval – Approx. 2-4 Days


Once all conditions are met and a satisfactory valuation is completed, the lender will issue an Unconditional Approval.

7. Mortgage Documents – Approx. 5-10 Days

The lender will send mortgage documents to you within 2-3 days of approval. You will need to read and sign the mortgage documents and return them to the lender’s solicitors.

8. Mortgage Settlement – Approx. 2-10 Days


Between 2-3 days after the return of your signed mortgage documents, your conveyancer will contact the lender to book settlement. They will assist you with the settlement process.


3-5 days after the return of your signed mortgage documents the lender will liaise with your existing lender to complete settlement of your refinance. Note that your existing lender may take longer than 10 working days to prepare discharge of your existing mortgage.

9. Congratulations!

Settlement has been effected and your new mortgage is in place. Congratulations!

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