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Know Your Purpose

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Further to “Is Property Investment for you?” This article is going to help you understand the investment options to the next level.

Know your Purpose

One of the key players when it comes to Investing is your purpose. The more you are clear about your requirements to achieve through Investment, will gain you insights for the future, you are to seed today. Some of the most sought after answer in this context would be:

  • Retirement 
  • Wealth creation -Lifestyle
  • Property portfolio& Income Stream
  • Social stature

Whether you are looking to benefit from Capital gains after you retire from work or have Cash flow & income stream from a well designed property portfolio, Have a lifestyle through such income or have a social status among your surroundings.The property investment can have multiple reasons for an investor to jump info.

Since there is no One answer that fits everyone, A few questions you may ask yourself to determineare:

  1. Think about life after Retirement – Will you still need an income to fulfill daily needs and leisure that you dream of upon retirement. Without having invested in the right manner, these will be difficult to achieve and will even lead to chaos. It’s important to think about investing at a nearly age so that as you approach retirement, you will have enough resources to live a better life.
  2. Wealth Creation – Earning an extra wealth is something everyone wishes for in today’s era. This can only happen through some investment strategy, Moreover, It’s a promise offering you extra financial security leading for a fabulous lifestyle.
  3. Social Stature – If you imagine yourself to be among groups of wealthy people who are discussing their investment strategies and you are just silent. Would you like to be one of them and envision yourself to be part of such groups and be able to nurture your purpose through investing? Being Ambitious does not hurt as much as to not act towards achieving those ambitions.

Property v/s Super for retirement

A personal choice between Property investment or Super can have different outcomes for the times to come at retirement. Unlike super, Investing into property can have different needs in terms of commitment, management & outcomes and that’s where one has to head into a particular direction. For example if you are self-employed and not willing to manage a self-funded super fund, Property could be another option where you could invest your money for long-term outcomes and ripe the benefit same like super at the time of retirement.

On the contrary, As a PAYG employed person, you would have less hassle towards super deductions, and management etc. but the outcomes may still depend on whether your super money is invested with the suitable super fund in a suitable investment strategy.

In Nutshell, Both options have their pros and cons and have outcomes based on how you manage them. This is where we at Investors mortgage can help you achieve your goals.Let us help you towards your purpose and grow together.

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