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Is property investment for you?

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Thinking of Investing in property whether for the first time or subsequent, Equity is the key ingredient to success. To know more about – what equity is, and how you can use it to your aid, follow me in this article below.


Property is rather safe, live and a long-term investment compared to other ways of investing. Inmost cases, an investment property can cover its costs from the rental income and potentially leave you with a regular cash flow on top of rental returns depending on the type of investment. You will also build up equity in long run as a fruit of Investing, get tax benefits and gearing or capital gains if you choose to sell the property down the track.


When it comes to Investing, The risks associated with it come along as natural. Like any other type of investments, property investment too has risks involved. Some of the example may include are lower rental income vs. loan repayments, Property values decreased due to market situations and access to urgent cash can delay& be reduced if you decide to sell it quick.

Always be mindful that properties are long-term investment plans and you’ll need to prepare for the highs and the lows.


Investing in property requires certain skills. You may have to put a lot of different shoes at the same time. It helps if you’re a Manager, Accountant, Tax adviser, A Handy person or have People skills. If this doesn’t sound like you, it’s worth paying for professional help.

Do some research

By doing some Investment property research,you can minimize the risks. Some examples may include but not limited to are close proximity to school, transport, public amenities or most preferred locations which allows you to find suitable tenants easily, have higher rental returns as well as capital gains etc. Moreover, it all depends on your budget,preferred location and cash flows.  I will provide a Comparative Market Analysis for your chosen property before you get into the actual transaction and also provide a detailed suburb research.

Discuss with A professional

Further, Speaking to a professional is vital when it comes to investing into property. I will advise on the best possible ways to create wealth within the current property market and also guide you on how to make transition to a multiple property investor from a first home buyer.

As your Mortgage advisor, Raj Brar would be able to help you sort the following

  • Equity release
  • Cash-flow projections
  • Finding the right property
  • Choosing the right investment loan
  • Applying for Loan Pre-approval
  • Understanding the costs before your buy
  • Setting up the loan to maximize benefits
  • Market valuation & Suburb Profiles 

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