Elmer Liu

Elmer Liu

Mortgage Finance Strategist

Mobile: 0403222769

Email: elmer@investorsmortgage.com.au

Office: Suite 503, 434 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004

License details: Credit Representative number 475235;  Australian Credit License Number 460275

What do I do?

My goal is to help you become the wealthiest version of yourself!

Wherever you are in life right now, I help you maximize your potential and what you have to create a wealth of Money, Time and Health through property investment.

Why do I do it?

I don’t want you to be rich. I want you to be wealthy! and not just in materialistic terms.

  • You are RICH when you make a ton of money by trading your time for money, however, the problem is that you might not have the chance to spend the money you make.
  • You are WEALTHY when you have full control of your time and can stop trading your time for money.

Most of us spend 70% of our adult life working full-time for someone else and people often say they wish they had more time with their families or could do things they are passionate about, however they can’t because they have to work to make the ends meet.

My ultimate goal in life is to be wealthy so that I can spend My time on MY terms, be with my loved ones and live life fully.  

If you have the same goal, I want to help you achieve it!

How do I do it?

I help you create passive income through property investment to replace your work income so that you can choose to stop trading time for money and live life on your own terms.

You might have heard people saying that property investment is all about location, timing and sometimes being lucky.

Contrary to common belief, the 3 keys to creating wealth through property are

  1. MONEY (I organize the mortgage for your investment)
  2. MARKET (I help you choose the right area and property to buy)
  3. MINDSET (You are what you think. I will encourage and support you along the wealth creation journey)

As a Mortgage Strategist, I help you in all THREE areas above.

Having built my property portfolio, I understand how to overcome the mental and financial obstacles to build a property portfolio. So not only will I organize the appropriate mortgage for you to build the property portfolio, I also guide you through the whole investment process by sharing my experience and lessons learnt in building my own portfolio.

Something personal

On a more personal note, I am blessed to have my lovely wife and two adorable children to spend time with every day.

I am a die-hard basketball fan and have been following NBA for 24 years. My other best friend is Carlisle,  a gorgeous 8-year-old golden retriever.

#Credit Representative 475236 is under Australian Credit Licence 460275
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