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Financial Freedom is defined as the ability to be comfortable with one’s financial restrictions

First of all, be comfortable with one’s financial restrictions doesn’t mean simply putting up with it. Be comfortable here means you can create, own and confront the financial restrictions and not be the effect of them. Let’s face it, regardless of how much money you have, you still have financial restrictions, so if you can’t be comfortable with it, you will always feel trapped by it.   What-is-collateral-and-what-it-means-to-a-lender Purchase-costs Q-what-does-this-mean-moving-forward-in-current-housing-market Raj-brar Q-if-im-looking-to-get-into-property-should-i-buy-now-or-wait-for-prices-to-drop-further Elmer-liu Tips-for-buying-well-in-a-buyers-market Elmer-liu-show Tighter-lending-conditions-affecting-investors-active-sydney-melbourne-property-markets Looking-forward-for-a-smooth-loan-process 4-tips-to-avoid-overspending-this-christmas Does-credit-history-plays-a-big-role How-to-estimate-the-rental-return-on-an-investment-property Loan-process Ankur-dhir 5-important-reasons-refinance-mortgage Q-whats-happening-to-property-values-around-australia Should-i-buy-now-or-wait-qa-for-first-home-buyers-and-investors

First Home Buyers

Get it right first time A number of loan options are especially suited to first home buyers, including introductory rate home loans and low deposit home loans. We can simplify the technical jargon and talk you through what could best...
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