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Adi Desai

AdAditya-Desai-Loan-Mortgage-broker-Melbournei Desai

Mortgage Finance Strategist

Mobile: 0433 073 972


Office: 503/434 St Kilda Rd Melbourne


What do I do?

I assist aspiring individuals achieve safe and financially secure future for them and their families through investment in property. Do this by helping clients to reassess their current situation and make the best out of it – whether it is their first home or a portfolio of investments.

        In a nutshell, I MAKE YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU!!


How do I do it?

                     “A Journey of a thousand miles begins with the Single Step” – Lao Tzu.

First step to buying a property is to have intent about it.

That’s what my client needs to have, all the rest will be explained and taken care of.

I help you through the process and guide through the hurdles from end to end.

You might have heard people saying that property investment is all about location, timing and sometimes being lucky, However, no good if you don’t have the mindset for it.


His Journey

His Journey in Australia started back in 2006 when he made the decision to move to Melbourne for a new beginning.

He has experienced just about everything a student or an immigrant would experience – you name it!.

He has been in customer service industry all his working life and always had an eagerness to be financially independent someday.

        When I first thought about getting a dream property, I made usual mistakes and went to bank where my pay came through                   after booking the land for myself, only to find out by them that I cannot get a loan due to unfavorable bank policy.

“And that’s when I decided that ‘THIS is the problem I will solve’ – it was almost like I found my higher calling.”

“I did find a different bank eventually for my home loan and moved into my first property seamlessly.”

“Since then I am on my way to building my investment portfolio.”

        I feel good when I can get my clients to embark on their journey of owning their home and building up their portfolio.


“On a personal note, I am truly blessed to have my wife on my side through my journey and my mum, my brother and my family for support.”

“I like watching Footy, GO HAWKS!”

He likes Cricket, Dogs and Bollywood.

He loves his 4×4 Adventure trips.

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